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I am optimistic about Bothell's future! I am running for City Council because I believe we need all members of our City Council focused on getting input from residents to prioritize city services and get our city onto a solid, financial footing. I am willing to listen, apply my experience and then do the hard work to move our city forward.

Bothell is a great place to live, and we want it to still be that way in ten, twenty, or fifty years. The City should be of service to its residents and businesses.  I am running for election to the Bothell City Council because I care about Bothell and want to serve our community.  

Through speaking with members of the community, these are some of the important issues I feel passionate about working on these if elected to City Council.

Fiscal Prudence

There needs to be additional focus on reviewing existing budgetary items and making sure they are relevant today. As a community we need to focus on responsible spending, increasing budget accountability, and reducing deferred maintenance to avoid long-term replacement costs.

Fiscal responsibility should involve asking if we need an item and what happens if we don't receive that item. As a resident, you prioritize your home budget based on needs and the consequences if you don't pay for it.

Affordable Housing

Bothell is a great place to live in, raise a family and retire to. Younger adults are drawn to our city for the UW Bothell and Cascadia and they need affordable housing options. We need to support affordable housing for people to come to our city and flourish to a diverse cross-economic base.

Protecting Open Spaces

Bothell is lucky to have so much green space throughout the city, but as we grow we need to ensure these areas are protected.

It's easy to eliminate Bothell's character one tree at a time, one development at a time, one street at a time. On the other hand, it's well within our grasp to preserve what we love about this wonderful city. Bothell has codes that allow us to say "no" to developing land that's unsuitable because it's steep, wet, or prone to slope failure.


Aging-In-Place is the ability of someone to continue to live in their residence of choice and community safely, independently, and comfortably, for long as they are able, as they age. The United States Census Bureau predicts a significant growth in the number of people 65 and over both in our region and nationwide.

We need to create an Aging-in-Place Committee to assist with the continued development and execution of improved services for our seniors. This committee would facilitate the creation of a communication plan, identifying legislative priorities related to the senior community, the establishment of a senior-focused service provider list, and serve as a bridge between the city and senior-focused volunteer organizations.

Safe Streets and Sidewalks

We need to provide a safe and functioning transportation system for residents to ensure safe multi-modal transportation options, reduce congestion and ensure fast Fire/EMS and Police response times. We need to maintain programs such as asphalt patching, and sidewalk repair and replacement.

Without proper investment, our roads and sidewalks will continue to fall into disrepair. Waiting to fund repairs and improvements to the City’s streets and sidewalks will cost more in the long term. Smaller fixes now save taxpayer dollars and help ensure our community’s safety and mobility for the future.

Improve pedestrian and traffic safety citywide, with priority investment of sidewalk funds near schools. Construct sidewalk improvements based on the recommendations of Safe School Walk Routes (SSWR) Taskforce.

Public Safety

The safety of the public is our number one priority as a local government and a majority of the tax revenue we collect goes towards our Police and Fire Departments.

I will work hard to improve emergency response times to our southern neighborhoods. Our northern neighborhoods need to have fire stations strategically placed to provide the best overall response to our citizens benefits the entire City as fires are not able to be fought until more than one engine company has arrived at the scene.

I am committed to finding ways that we can continue to provide high service levels for fire, medical, and police protection.

Citizens for Aaron Moreau-Cook, PO Box 1082, Bothell, WA 98041
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