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About Aaron

I was born in Seattle and grew up in Snoqualmie Valley. During my twenties I moved to Bellevue, Redmond, and Woodinville and I spent some time outside of Washington in London, UK, and Silicon Valley California before settling in Bothell.

My decision to move to Bothell was for two reasons, great schools for my two daughters and a great community. Bothell has a vibrant downtown that reminds us all that Bothell is not just a bedroom community, but it is also a good place to play, learn, and make friends.

During my free time you can find me snowboarding, traveling, and spending time with my two daughters and wife.

My wife Jennifer and I met 13 years ago and have been married for 9 years.

Professional Experience

Since 1996 I have been working in the Internet Technologies field, spending most of my time working for technology startups in the Seattle area, Silicon Valley, and London UK. As a Seattle native, I came back to the Bothell in 2014 and have been working for Microsoft for 7 years (3 years in California, 4 in Redmond).

My role at Microsoft is a Service Engineering Manager where I lead a team of ten engineers deploying and configuring servers in over 90 Internet data centers around the world to run Office 365 E-Mail service. My role requires a lot of cross-team collaboration and teamwork, which I believe is a powerful way to be successful.

Elected Experience

During the 2016 I doorbelled for the Bothell Safe Streets & Sidewalks levy, which passed (53.33%) to provide increased safe streets and sidewalks. This levy helps offset the deferred maintenance burden and ensure long-neglected street and sidewalks projects receive funding.

After the successful campaign, I was elected Chair to the Safe Streets & Sidewalks Task Force. This Task Force is coordinating projects across twelve Bothell Schools and the Northshore School District.

Education is important to me and ensuring my daughters grow up empowered with the knowledge needed to be successful, so I have taken an active role in education advocacy, testified on behalf of fully funding education in Olympia, joining my daughter’s school PTA as the Legislative Chair, being elected to the Northshore Council PTSA and serving as co-chair of the Citizens for Northshore Schools.

I currently serve as Elections Committee Chair for the 1st Legislative District Democrats, through community outreach I recruit people interested in running for office. As Chair, I am a member of the 1st Legislative District Democrats Executive Board. I leverage my position to work with politicians who directly impact Bothell, ensuring Bothell residents have a broader voice with our politicians.

Citizens for Aaron Moreau-Cook, PO Box 1082, Bothell, WA 98041
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